Reader feedback: Give the church a break on public statements

Re: "Archbishop: Don't vote for naked bottoms and immoral liberals", By Martina Pisárová, Volume 8 No. 35, September 16 - 22.

I think Mr. Sokol had the right for such an initiative. In this case, at least, the Catholic Church is dealing with an issue of rather big importance and overall public interest (compared to irrelevant issues, such as 'curing' homosexuality, retail shops' opening hours on Sundays or yoga at elementary schools).

And, whether we agree or not, he's right in what he said in that document. Besides, political parties are also partially funded by the state, so what's the problem? Every second cow from show buisness is allowed to say in public whom to vote for and a top church representative is not?

Give me a break. If there's any role for the church today, it's dealing with public issues, and that's what the ballot is.


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