Reader feedback: Church should listen to front-line priests

Re: "Archbishop: Don't vote for naked bottoms and immoral liberals", By Martina Pisárová, Volume 8 No. 35, September 16 - 22.

"Sokol's attitude is incomprehensible for many people in the Church," agreed a well-known Slovak priest, Ján Suchán.

I would like to add that the behaviour of the Cardinal is throwing mud on the good work priests like Ján Suchán are doing. I have read Suchán's profile in the Time Magazine Special Issue (FAST FORWARD EUROPE) and I think he is a very cool priest!

The Catholic Church should learn more from these "front-line priests" that are adapting the message of God to new modern concepts, while the purple-dressed leaders are sitting on their golden chairs in Rome, firing moral sentences all over the globe... what a shame.

Roberto Balistrieri

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