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Reader feedback: Don't blame Slovak students for US woes

Re: "US investigating complaints by Slovak summer workers", By Dewey Smolka, Volume 8 No. 34, September 9 - 15.

I lived in Slovakia for four years and was treated with dignity and respect by most everyone I met.

Of course there were things in Slovakia that bothered me, but that is bound to happen anywhere a person chooses to live. The English and American teachers that I knew who WERE treated with disrespect were the ones who went to Slovakia to get drunk and get laid.

As for Slovak students stealing jobs from Americans, that is simply untrue. Find me some Americans who want to work those menial jobs. The ones who want to work at McDonalds and the like are already working there. Those who are unemployed are technicians and accountants and other skilled labourers who have been laid off by WorldCom and other tech industries that have gone under due to their own bad business practices.

Slovak students can hardly be blamed for that!!!

Sean Timmins

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