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Reader feedback: One from the Liffey

Re: "Right wing wins majority," By Tom Nicholson, Vol. 8 No. 36, September 23-29

Congratulations Slovakia!

Yes, the Irish have said no to expansion before, but that was because you kept voting for people like Mečiar, an autocratic moron. Some might have said they were quite right to, in that I feel that the EU is no place for idiots like him and his ilk.

The Irish referendum is something that can be overcome in time, the same as HZDS has proved to be.

As yet, there are many obstacles to be overcome, e.g. the treatment of Roma etc, but I'm sure these problems will be improved, which will give the Irish no reason to vote no.

Congratulations once more, and I look forward to the day (not too far away now), when we will be fellow EU citizens.

(You never know, by then our daft government here in the UK might have cottoned on slightly and got rid of sterling, so we'll maybe even have the same currency!)

Scott Lafferty

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