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Reader feedback: Mečiar's pre-emptive strike

Re: Reader feedback, "Poor Lexa", Vol. 8 No. 37, Sept 30 to Oct 6

Apparently, and sadly, (confirmed by an article in this weeks's issue) the Slovak judicial system is not capable of rendering an unbiased or uncorrupted judgment. Appa-rently, judges require the same payoffs demanded by police before they can decide what is "right" or what constitutes justice.

In other words, don't hold your breath waiting for Lexa to get a fair and honest trial on the charges for which he has been long accused. Even if Mečiar had not pardoned everyone in his upper level administration on his way out the door, there is very little evidence to indicate the justice system in Slovakia has even a child's understanding of what justice actually means.

Issuing pardons to his cronies even before they've been charged with anything is Mečiar's special version of a "pre-emptive strike." He must have known what they had done in order to know that they would need a pardon to wiggle out of their responsibi-lities.

Don Merritt

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