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Funeral parlor owner dies on the job
Computer lessons not a waste of time
Hooligans clash during football match
Triangular UFO spotted
Gimme those carrots or I'll shoot
Bad day for female footie team

Funeral parlor owner dies on the job

AN OWNER of a funeral parlor in the northern central town of Svit died after falling from the stairs while helping his employees carry a casket to the hearse.
The 50-year-old man stumbled down the stairs following a heart attack on October 4, according to the Nový Čas daily.

Computer lessons not a waste of time

A TEENAGER has admitted to forging banknotes during computer lessons at his school.
A jewellery shop owner in Kežmarok reported finding a fake Sk5,000 ($120) banknote when inspecting her day's revenues, according to Jozef Žemba, a spokesperson with Kežmarok police. With the help of the shop owner the police managed to track down the person who paid with it, a 15-year-old boy from the nearby village of Lendak.
When asked by the police, the youth admitted paying with the note and said that he and some of his schoolmates scanned several Sk5,000 notes during a computer science lesson at their school.

BRAWLERS not fans, says club.
photo: TASR

Hooligans clash during football match

VIOLENT ROWDIES clashed at a first-division football match last weekend. Fans of the Slovan Bratislava football club began brawling with supporters of the western Slovak Laugaricio Trenčín team at the latter's home ground, leaving several men injured and one unconscious.
Observers who attended the October 6 match said that the police could have done more to prevent the violence. "The police were standing way up above us and when we asked them why they weren't doing anything, they just shrugged their shoulders. They seemed scared," said a man quoted in the Slovak daily Nový Čas.
Slovan's club representatives distanced themselves from the incident by stating that the hooligans were "a small number of people we would not call fans of our club".

Triangular UFO spotted

A THREE-SIDED UFO was recently spotted by a woman in the western Slovak town of Jaslovské Bohunice. The woman said she was awakened by strange sounds at 01:30, according to Miroslav Karlík, a member of a UFO club in Trnava.
When she looked out of her window, she spotted a lit triangular object moving above the town.
"It was moving east and west, stopping from time to time, and was visible from her window," Karlík said.

Gimme those carrots or I'll shoot

TWO EMPLOYEES of a fruit and vegetable wholesale shop in Bratislava were surprised by a young man entering their workplace with a pistol demanding they hand over their valuables.
The perpetrator stole the day's revenues totalling Sk80,000 ($1,900) and then ran away.
Police arrested a 20-year-old man from the Bratislava suburb of Petržalka, who admitted to the crime shortly after the incident on October 3, according to Police spokesperson Marta Bujňáková.

Turčianske Teplice
Bad day for female footie team

THERE WAS disappointment and anger when Slovakia's under-19 women's football team discovered that their hotel rooms had been broken into following their 2003 European Championship qualifier against Ukraine. The two sides played to a 2:2 draw, despite Slovakia being the favourite.
The footballers returned to their hotel in the central Slovak town of Turcianske Teplice following the match and found that robbers had broken into their rooms.

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