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Larry King in Košice next year?

THE GOLDEN Beggar festival gathers TV broadcasters from around the world to show their documentaries and to share their knowledge at workshops and seminars in the eastern city of Košice. Until this year's event, which was highlighted by the participation of Charlie Chaplin's son, its organizers avoided inviting any stars. For them, the main stars are the local television stations themselves.

Eugene Chaplin's invitation to the festival was a coincidence rather than a deliberate plan, according to the festival's director, Eva Děkanovská. She says she saw a parallel between Charlie Chaplin's tramp and the golden beggar, the mascot of the festival. However, the exception might become the rule in the future, as the organizers have invited CNN talk-show host Larry King, who started his career in local television.

For more information on the festival and its participants, visit www.festival.sk.

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