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One World raises awareness

THE THIRD international festival of documentary films on human rights, One World, will take place in Bratislava from October 23 to October 27. The event is presented by Človek v ohrození (People in Peril), a non-profit organisation that provides humanitarian aid in regions troubled by wars or natural catastrophes.

The festival will present a selection of 41 documentaries recently filmed by directors from 18 countries. The films will be shown in their original languages, with Slovak translation. The themes include regions at war, people fighting dictatorships, violence against the underprivileged, the problems of developing countries and the Roma community.

The venues for the festival are the Mladosť cinema (Hviezdoslavovo nám. 17), České centrum (Czech Center, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 8) and Univerzitné pastoračné stredisko (University Christian Student Center, Mlynská dolina student dormitories).

As part of the festival, the Czech cultural centre will host an exhibition of images from Cuba and Chechnya taken by Czech photographer Pavel Hroch and Austrian Heidi Bradner respectively.

Films from the festival will be also shown in the towns of Pezinok, Poprad, and Šamorín.

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