Security-firm employee accused

AN EMPLOYEE of a private security service has been accused of causing mayhem in connection with an incident in a Bratislava pub in which two English football fans were shot on October 12 prior to an international football match.

Stanislav Ryban, spokesman with the Bratislava police, said October 25 that 38-year-old Jan G., an employee of the Vesuv K.T. Security firm, had been taken into custody facing charges of attempted grievous bodily harm.

At least four armed employees of Vesuv K.T. Security showed up at the Kelt pub after the firm was called to help the manager clear the premises of drunken customers when they refused to leave at closing time.

Ryban said that investigations showed Jan G. fired at least two of the 17 shots dispatched in Kelt. One of the bullets ricochetted and hit Gareth Jones, 30, in the neck. Another English fan, Phil Holland, was shot in the leg.

Ryban said that six of the shells found at the scene were identified as coming from the gun of another security-firm employee. Police are searching for the guns and shooters responsible for the remaining nine bullets.

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