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Select goals of cabinet

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from the cabinet manifesto presented to parliament November 5, 2002

General issues, enhancement of a democratic state

The cabinet shall
* Guarantee civil freedoms and the development of human rights
* Realise an effective, slim, and not expensive state, and complete public administration reform
* Create conditions for a more effective fight against corruption
* Propose a law on conflict of interests
* Propose changes in the election law in order to increase the number of constituencies and allow the participation of private media in election campaigns
* Propose a law on elections to the European Parliament so that Slovakia can elect its representatives in 2004
* Pledge to fight all forms of intolerance
* Consider the solving of so-called Roma issues to be a priority and continue to support development programmes to improve their situation and integration into mainstream society
* Give special attention to the protection of the rights of children and support equality in society, including the participation of women in public life

Economic issues

The cabinet shall
* Carry out all necessary measures so that Slovakia can join the European Monetary Union by 2006
* Push through a macroeconomic policy that focuses on overall economic growth, an influx of foreign investment, creating a favourable business environment, supporting a stable currency, appropriate interest rates and transparent tax legislation
* Reform public finances and, through its fiscal policies, decrease the proportion of public debt in GDP
* Push through increased effectiveness in the collection of taxes, focusing on limiting tax evasion


The cabinet shall
* Support activities designed to improve the environment, preserve Slovakia's natural heritage and protect nature

Social issues

The cabinet shall
* Motivate people to actively seek work
* Decrease unemployment and increase the effectiveness of the social system
* Create conditions for the gradual creation of a safe and just pension system
* Support the mobility of the workforce

Health care

The cabinet shall
* Create stable conditions for health care services, stop growing debt and secure an economically balanced health sector
* Take steps towards the greater effectiveness and flexibility of the health care system


The cabinet shall
* Support multi-source financing of the education sector and its greater effectiveness
* Carry out a reconstruction of the subjects taught, with an impetus on increasing the quality of teaching of foreign languages
* Increase the social standing of the teaching profession and provide adequate wages in the sector so that the profession is more attractive
* Create a special university for ethnic Hungarian citizens

Safe and effective state

The cabinet shall
* Consider as priorities reforming the judiciary, strengthening law enforcement and establishing stricter penalties for violent offenders
* Create conditions for speeding up judicial procedures and providing more information within the court system
* Create a special court and special attorney's office to deal specifically with corruption and organised crime cases
* Strengthen the readiness of the police and other security structures to fight against terrorism
* Deal effectively with all expressions of extremism and racially motivated violence

Collective security

The cabinet shall
* Consider Nato to be the only effective collective organisation able to guarantee Slovakia's security. The cabinet is prepared to take over the responsibility and commitments related to Slovakia's expected Nato entry
* Make the Slovak army fully professional by 2006

Foreign Policy

* European Union and Nato membership are considered key priorities of this cabinet, as well as the development and maintenance of good relations with neighbouring states

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