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Bratislava's leading candidates for mayor

Andrej Ďurkovský
photo: TASR

Ďurkovský was born in Bratislava. In the 1980s he was active in the underground Christian political movement and in 1990 he became one of the co-founders of the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH), of which he is still a member. In December 1990 Ďurkovský was elected a council member for the Old Town, one of Bratislava's five main administrative districts, and in 1994, at the age of 36, he became mayor of the Old Town, and was reelected to that position in 1998 municipal elections. Ďurkovský announced he would run for mayor in March and today has the support of not only the KDH, but also Ano and three other smaller parties. "We enjoy living in Bratislava" is Ďurkovský's campaign slogan, one that has been used to promote the old town's New Year celebrations in past years.

Juraj Stern
photo: TASR

Stern, also a native Bratislava citizen, has notched up an impressive academic career. The former president of Bratislava's University of Economics is currently its vice-president for foreign relations.

He has been active in local politics since 1998, when he was elected to the city council as an independent candidate, and he currently works in the commission for city property administration.

In this year's municipal elections, Stern was offered the candidature by the SDKÚ and was promised support by the Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK). The right wing is divided in Bratislava, as it is in several other regional cities.

Campaign posters for Stern are pasted all over the city, showing a photo of the candidate with his glasses perched jauntily on his forehead and the slogan "Juraj Stern - diplomat, economist, manager, Bratislava resident".

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