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Reader feedback: Call the cops

Re: Drunk-driving cops continue deadly trend , Compiled by Lukáš Fila, Vol 8, No 49, Dec 23 - 29

I am pleased to see that the police and the government are trying to clean their own houses.

A few years ago I was teaching in Slovakia. During one lesson I asked the class whom they would call for help in an emegency. Not only were the police at the very bottom of the list, and then only when prompted, many students shook their heads, saying "No, never." At that moment I experienced a bit of culture shock, for here in Canada calling the police would likely be first on the list.

I applaud the efforts of the elected and appointed officials to address the problem of drunk driving in general, and drunk driving by the police in particular. Only when the police can consistently show that they themselves obey the rule of law will they achieve the respect of the community they serve.

Ron Watson

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