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Reader feedback: End Bigotry

Re: Roma issues not addressed despite efforts, Compiled by Lukáš Fila, Vol 8, No 49, Dec 23 - 29

I thank you for these reports on the Roma in Slovakia. The widespread fear and stubborn bigotry in Slovakia toward the Roma is sad. It must change - be healed.

I live in Canada, but one of my friends is from eastern Europe, and has shared her opinions and fears of the Roma with me quite freely. So now I learn all I can about the Roma and hope to encourage my friend to be more tolerant and understanding.

Our government in Canada disposessed the Canadian Japanese citizens of their property and placed them in internment camps in 1941. Today we live with the shame of this history.

It is sad to see Slovakia repeating these shameful acts of inhumanity to their fellow human beings. What a shame to leave a legacy of guilt to all the future citizens of Slovakia.

I hope you can give the Roma more of a voice so they may be better understood.


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