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Reader feedback: Slovakia is not alone

Re: Lexa and Remiáš: A coming of age, Editorial, Vol 8, No 48, Dec 16 - 22

Slovakia's secret service has not been the only service to climb into bed with the mafia. The British, Americans and many other countries around the world have climbed into bed with the enemy and suffered the consquences of their actions later. Didn't the United States back Bin Laden throughout the '80s? Britian's secret service has assisted in murdering many people around the world. The fact that these states have never been called to account for what they have done begs the question why should Lexa be brought to trial. I personally think he should. Slovakia is a young country and young countries, like young people, are prone to making mistakes - some forgivable, some not.

Brano Zitniansky

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