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Welfare rules tightened

RULES for collecting social benefits were tightened as of January 1, with jobless people required to search for work actively and report to labour offices, and welfare recipients expected to work for their local communities.

A law charging consumers small deposits on glass and plastic containers also took effect on January 1, part of a drive to encourage greater recycling in Slovakia.

The date also saw further powers devolved from state to local governments, such as land-use planning and construction permits, and brought major rises in regulated prices of energy, transport and utilities.

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PM Fico wants Education Minister’s resignation

Education Minister Peter Plavčan has refused to leave, the Prime Minister demanding his resignation.

Education Minister Peter Plavčan

Have you ever climbed a via ferrata? Photo

In central Slovakia, there is one also suitable for beginners. Here are some of the views it offers.

Things that make us different also make us stronger

On August 19, a rainbow flag will fly over the US Embassy in Bratislava to represent the firm commitment of the United States to defending the human rights of LGBTI people, writes Ambassador Sterling.

The rainbow flag flew over the US Embassy in Bratislava in 2016.

Southern Slovakia will face heat again

The first-level warning is issued for the 16th and 17th.