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Month of Slovak culture in Canada

A PRESENTATION of Slovak culture is taking place in Montreal through February 12. The programme, of which Slovak Olympic hockey team manager Peter Šťastný is the honorary chair, includes the screening of films, exhibition of art works, performances of live music, and plays.

While a selection of films by Martin Šulík has already been shown, there is still more to come. Jazz musician Jozef 'Dodo' Šošoka will perform in a concert on January 29. A show by the Traditional Puppet Theatre of A. Anderle will take place on February 2. The event's live performances will conclude with an evening of jazz and poetry on February 4 and a literary night on February 12.

The event includes seven art and photographic exhibitions. There is a display of children's book illustrations and handmade puppets from Bratislava's Bibiana Museum, an exhibition entitled Faces of Slovak Abstraction and a display of paintings from the collection of the Slovak National Gallery.

A photo exhibition and a projected video will present the work of Slovakia's Contemporary Dance Theatre, while photographs by Ján Súkup and Ladislav Bielik will be shown documenting the success of Slovak hockey and the events of August 1968, respectively. The Slovakia Through the Lenses of Documentary Photographers exhibition is a collection of works by leading Slovak photographers.

The Month of Slovak Culture in Montreal runs at the Gesu Creativity Center and Complex Desjardins.

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