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Reader feedback: Ignorant Americans

Re: Class Warfare, By Jessica Redmond, Vol 9, No 1, Jan 13 to 19

Perhaps this will go to show you just how ignorant Americans are of other cultures. Does it really matter that there are people in the world who do not behave or act like America? Just because a person doesn't smile, that doesn't mean they are unfriendly, or because they don't greet you on the street, it doesn't means they are rude.

Perhaps people stare at you on the street because of your lack of fashion. Or that your white Nike shoes are a reminder of your consumerism and wealth, something they both envy and loathe.

Why would you think that Slovaks "guzzle" slivovica, and that they have difficulty getting to work? Can't you just accept the fact that culturally, drinking is much more prevalent [in Slovakia]? Maybe [Slovaks] are much more adept at drinking than Americans.

Shouldn't the first clue have been that if your teacher was getting defensive, obviously you were doing something culturally wrong? Why would you continue? You are in a different culture and you must be sensitive to different attitudes.

Maybe if you studied a bit more Slovak history you would understand. Slovakia has experienced cultural repression for over a millennium, so should it come as a surprise that the Slovak psyche is fragile and perhaps overly sensitive to criticism? But then you couldn't possibly know that since all they teach you is American history. That hasn't really helped you thus far, has it?

And Americans wonder why the rest of the world hates them.

Pán J

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