Reader feedback: Too harsh, Pán J

Re: Class Warfare, By Jessica Redmond, Vol 9, No 1, Jan 13 to 19

Just because there are some Americans that are clueless doesn't mean the whole country is rotten. I'm sure there are bad apples in Slovakia, just like in any other country. And I assure you, most Americans are very sensitive to other cultures.

It's America that is the big melting pot of so many cultures, and from what I see and experience everyday, they are respected, live here in peace and contribute to the community.

Please don't say Americans are clueless without first looking at Slovaks. One common Slovak trait is to always point the finger at someone else. Would you say that the fragile and oppressed psyche of the Slovaks is behind skinheads beating anyone in sight who looks foreign, not to mention the Roma?

Pán J, you are a textbook demonstration of a typical Slovak who can't, for the love of God, take criticism about his country.

Cheer up, take some criticism, have a sense of humour about it and stop ragging on Americans.

Doll Face of Luv

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