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Man shaves wife's pubic hair as revenge
Forbidden love ends in homicide
Baby boy dies after father beat him
Python is a friendly pet
Robber with plastic gun strikes again
Loan shark jailed
More haste, less speed

Man shaves wife's pubic hair as revenge

A 35-YEAR-OLD woman who wanted her husband to be punished for shaving her pubic hair while she was sleeping was told by police that her husband did not commit any crime. The couple from the eastern Slovak town of Michalovce had not had sex for over a year, reported the Slovak daily Nový Čas.
The husband, unhappy with his life of celibacy, shaved off part of his wife's pubic hair while she was asleep. The woman immediately went to the police and said she wanted her husband to be punished for what he did.
Róbert Ujhely, a spokesman for the Michalovce police, said: "The case was discussed with the regional attorney, who stated that no crime had been committed."
The husband, however, is being investigated by the police for another crime; only a few days later he was chasing his wife with a kitchen knife.

Kokava nad Rimavicou
Forbidden love ends in homicide

AN UNUSUAL love affair ended in homicide when a 14-year-old boy killed a 77-year-old woman.
The victim, Anna M. from the southern Slovak town of Kokava nad Rimavicou, was strangled by Pavol B., who confessed to the crime.
Neighbours said that Anna M. often boasted that she had a young lover and that they often made love all night.
"She used to boast to us that they would make love all night long," a neighbour told the daily Nový Čas. Other neighbours told reporters that the pensioner allegedly forced Pavel B. to strip for her and then touched him intimately. Then she would strip and ask her lover to touch her.
Investigator Marián Slobodník refused to comment on the allegations but said that because of his young age, Pavel B. would not be prosecuted. He has been placed in a reform facility for youths and is under special supervision because he has suicidal tendencies.

Baby boy dies after father beat him

A FIVE-WEEK-OLD boy, Marko, died five days after his father brutally beat him because the baby would not stop crying.
The unemployed father, Marek Z., has been taken into custody and investigators said he would face up to 15 years in jail.
Marek Z. beat his baby son while his wife was out shopping. When she came home, she found the baby lying motionless on the bed. His face was pale and he had blood running from his nose.
She took the baby to Bratislava's Kramáré hospital where doctors discovered multiple bruises all over his body and a number of internal and external wounds to his head.
Only during police questioning did the husband confess to beating his son.
"The policeman told me that he admitted to beating [the baby] with his palm on the head to quiet him. It's horrible. I can't stop crying and I can't eat," said mother Mária Z., 23.

Python is a friendly pet

AN EMPLOYEE of a Bratislava pet shop who is often seen with a python wrapped around his neck said snakes were cuddly animals that could be trained not to attack humans.
Mário, 27, told Nový Čas that ever since he started working with snakes he has had only one bad experience with the reptiles.
"Snakes usually attack when a man insensitively or forcefully grabs it from a terrarium. Then it bites down hard with its two sharp, although not poisonous, teeth," he said.
Mário can often be seen playing with and caressing the snakes to make the customers believe that snakes are cuddly creatures that just need to get used to being handled by humans.

Liptovský Mikuláš
Robber with plastic gun strikes again

PETER P., 30, from Liptovský Hrádok was charged with robbery after holding up a betting agency in the northern Slovak town of Liptovský Mikuláš twice with a plastic gun.
In September last year Peter B. struck for the first time and made off with Sk8,300 (200 euro). He came back a month later and stole Sk11,370 (270 euro) from the till.

Loan shark jailed

KOŠICE police have put a local loan shark behind bars after one of his customers told the authorities that he had threatened to set his flat on fire and then kill him if he did not pay his debt.
The 24-year-old loan shark started his business in 2001, and since then he has made tens of thousands of crowns by lending money to people in acute need at usurious interest rates.
The man who told police about the threats borrowed Sk10,000 (240 euro) last year and was bound to repay Sk72,000 (1,700 euro) in monthly instalments, said Jarmila Petrová, spokeswoman for Košice police.

Spišská Nová Ves
More haste, less speed

RUNNING to school in the early morning, a teenager from Smižany banged his head into the side of a bus while it was passing a zebra crossing.
The schoolboy, who has not been named by police, was standing waiting for the bus to pass the crossing so that he would make it to his school in the eastern Slovak town of Spišská Nová Ves on time.
Stanislav Blašcák, spokesman for the Spišská Nová Ves police, said that the young man stepped into the road when the bus was still at the zebra crossing. He failed to estimate the time it would take for the bus to fully pass by, and started to run, smashing his head on the side of the vehicle.
He had to be hospitalised with concussion and several cuts to his head.

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