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V4 NGOs and councillors talk graft

REPRESENTATIVES from non-governmental organisations and city councils from the Visegrad Four countries met to thrash out solutions to corruption at a roundtable discussion in Prague.

The delegates dealt mainly with the fight against corruption in the capital cities of the V4 countries - the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia - and discussed possible ways of dealing with the problem.

"It is very good that NGOs have tabled this agenda as an urgent issue," said Marta Čarnogurská, who represented Bratislava city council at the meeting.

"Nonetheless, it is a pity that I am the only deputy of Bratislava city council who is here," she said, adding that the city council pays relatively little attention to the prevention of corruption.

Czeslaw Walek from Transparency International Czech Republic, who coordinated the meeting, said he had encountered a few problems persuading Slovaks to take part.

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