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Fantastic fantasy jewellery

FANTASY jewellery: high-end hand-crafted costume jewellery.
photo: Courtesy of K Gallery

JEWELLERY designer Katia Rusnaková did not study jewellery making, yet her products are worn by celebrities and used by famous fashion designers. A collection of around 50 of her necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and decorated belts is currently being exhibited at K Gallery on Ventúrska 8. It will be on display until March 5.

"I came across jewellery-making accidentally, while I was in France. For two years I worked with Jean Luco Papignon, a designer of fantasy jewellery. Here in Slovakia, fantasy jewellery is not as specifically defined or as appreciated as it is in France. In Paris, a mecca of fashion, fantasy jewellery is in fashion," Rusnaková told daily SME.

Rusnaková has worked with Slovak fashion designer Lea Fekete, a couple of Czech designers, and a Paris embroidery company, where they attach her pieces to fabrics that are then sold to fashion houses like Dior or Chanel.

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