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Reader feedback: Joining in for the sake of it

Re: Hundreds turn out for peace demonstrationa, By Lukáš Fila, Feb 24 - March 2, Vol 9, No 7

I believe that some peace marchers are well intentioned and true believers. I also think that many are simply young people who like to join any crowd for the fun of it, and I believe there are a few people who support any cause that is anti-American. But I also believe that the net result, regardless of a marcher's motivation, is to give significant aid and comfort to Saddam Hussein and his struggle to remain in power in Iraq. This may not make a marcher comfortable, but it is an undeniable fact - Saddam Hussein has said as much in his thanks and praise of those marching for him.

The other result [of the demonstration] has been to make war against him virtually inevitable, irony of ironies. Had Saddam Hussein been confronted last November with the full support of the 15 nations who signed UN resolution 1441 "requiring" Saddam Hussein to [disarm], he would not have had the support and therefore the courage to thwart the inspection teams at every turn, to play games with the UN mandate, and to thumb his nose at the resolution. Had he believed the UN was serious, he would have taken the money and run. But he did not believe it then (rightfully so) and he does not believe it now.

Thus, the war that 1441 promised becomes inevitable, and peace marchers have to give this some reasonable thought. Unanimity would have rid the world of this tyrant peacefully, dissension gives him strength.

I am willing to sign my name because I believe in what I say.

Don Merritt

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