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Reader feedback: KDH proposal ridiculous

Re: KDH: Gays should not be teachers, By Martina Pisárová, April 7 - April 13, Vol 9, No 13

I come from a country that is not really known for being too liberal when it comes to homosexual rights, but what the KDH suggests is ridiculous and shocking at the same time. And not very Christian either.

A society can never grow and develop in harmony when politics suppresses and blackmails certain groups. Homosexuals - what have they done wrong to be the enemy of some people? Gays are a small harmless minority who just want to live like everyone else; they pose no danger to anyone.

Since 97 per cent of all child abuse happens within families, should we now ban all straight men from being fathers, uncles, friends, and teachers? I am very unhappy that wonderful teachers have to live in fear again.

During decades of your history, people were afraid to say the wrong thing, to think the wrong thing, to pray. Now they are afraid to love wrong. Most Slovaks are not at all concerned with the topic of homosexuality, which seems to be the KDH's only topic. Why does this party not focus on things that really count?

For Slovakia's sake in becoming a member of the European family, I sincerely hope that the strange ideas of some "politicians" will not harm the whole country!

Tom, Vienna

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