Reader feedback: Setting the record straight

Re: Missing the point, Reader feedback, April 7 - April 13, Vol 9, No 13

Iraqi TV lies but American TV does not? Is this naiveté or just propaganda?

Just to set the record straight almost all serious, legitimate news agencies and networks in the West and throughout the world have expressed professional respect for the quality of Al Jazeera's news coverage.

Of course we don't really know which side is causing civilian casualties, so what? Does it matter who caused them? This is a war they didn't seek but they are the ones who will pay with their blood and lives. Radical Islam declared war first?

The first shots were fired a long time before September 11, when Western interests propped up such tyrannical regimes as the shah in Iran and yes, even Saddam. They went to defend Kuwait in 1991 and promised to initiate democratic changes in that country.

Where is that democracy today? The roots of this problem can be traced back so far that you would take some effort to even get a cursory understanding of it, but pay particular attention to the unresolved problem of the Palestinians.

Elaine Belzar

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