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Csáky criticises EU-campaign detractors

In an interview with the daily Pravda, Deputy Prime Minister Pál Csáky said he believed the EU referendum campaign he is running is going smoothly. He was unmoved by criticisms levelled at him for not doing enough to ensure that enough people vote in the May 16 and 17 vote.

He said: "Why should I lose sleep if some fans go to an empty stadium at 15:30 and start shouting that the captain should be changed because no goal has been scored, when the match doesn't start until 16:30. That's not my problem."

He believes that this referendum will manage to achieve the 50 percent participation that all previous referenda in Slovakia have failed to. Concerns about a lack of participation are behind one of the campaign slogans: "Don't leave it up to others."

Compiled by Conrad Toft from press reports.
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