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Judge to be protected after car is torched

A BRATISLAVA district court judge who adjudicates serious criminal cases is to be given a police bodyguard after her car was set on fire early on April 17.

The protection for Judge Iveta Havlonová was agreed by Justice Minister Daniel Lipšic and Interior Minister Vladimír Palko when they met later that morning.

In January this year, the judge had her car stolen, and in April the tyres of its replacement were slashed. However, no direct threats have been made against her.

The incident on April 17 took place outside the court where the judge worked, in the capital's suburb of Petržalka. She had bought the car, a Citroen, only a few days earlier.

Havlonová is said to have sent scores of criminals to jail in her career.

Although she has never heard any case involving the former leadership of the Slovak Information Service (SIS), last year in March her chambers sentenced three alleged members of the Ukrainian mafia that were extorting their fellow citizens working in Slovakia. The appellate court confirmed the verdict.

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