Trenčín's spring hikes

THREE long-distance hiking competitions will be held in the Trenčín region on May 10 and May 17.

These events will take place on well-marked trails in the surrounding mountains. There will be several check points along the routes, which hikers must visit in order to claim a commemorative pin and usually refreshments at the end of the hike. The fee for an adult for each hike is around Sk30. Some of the hikes finish at a different place from the start, and shuttle buses will be provided to transport people back to the beginning.

On May 10, hikers can choose between a 35-kilometre and 50-kilometre hike. The first one, Soblahovská tridsaťpäťka (Soblahov's 35) begins at the Soblahov Stadium near the elementary school (Základná škola) in the village of Soblahov. Participants are expected to register between 6:00 and 8:30. Soblahov is five kilometres from Trenčín and buses go there from Trenčín train station at 6:00, 6:20, and 7:45. For more information call 032/6528-705.

The 50-kilometre Podjavorinská päťdesiatka starts from the municipal office (mestský úrad) in Stará Turá, located in the town centre. Participants for the 50 kilometres, 35 or 20 kilometres should register between 7:00 and 9:00. For more information call 032/7752-244, or visit

On May 17, the 50-kilometre Bánovská päťdesiatka organised by the town Bánovce nad Bebravou starts at Centrum voľného času (Centre of Free Time) on A. Kmeťa 503/8. You can choose between 18-kilometre, 35-kilometre, or 50-kilometre trails. Registration is from 6:00 and 8:00. For information call 0905/910-068.

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