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Reader feedback: Bad idea

Re: Conscientious objectors treaty causes stir By Martina Pisárová April 28 - May 4, Vol 9, No 16

Slovakia should not have any religious treaties with any other countries. If there is one with Rome then there must be a treaty with Mecca or any other foreign based religion. The only fair approach is that either any person should not be required to act against their own personal beliefs or that they must not join a work group that might require them to perform such a duty. In either case, no "treaty" is required with any outside (of Slovakia) group. Such a "treaty" with a single outside group can only help to divide Slovaks into those that are "in" that group from those who are "out." That is not the way for Slovakia to advance in the competitive world. Slovakia, as small as it is, must strive for unity, not division, to move forward to improve the lives of all of its citizens.


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