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Reader feedback: Saving money for the rich

Re: Storm over uni fees, By Martina Pisárová, May 5 - 11, Vol 9, No 17

I have been trying to look at this issue in the light of the Dzurinda government's other measures, and I see a pattern. In every case, the government claims that there is not money, that there really is no choice about changing the system to conform to that of "normal countries" - meaning some extreme form of the United States - that they know it is a difficult decision but they must be brave to carry it through. In fact it's the same rhetoric used by neoliberal governments throughout the world, only taken to an extreme in Slovakia.

In every case, the effect of the reforms seems to be the same - they free the government of costs, which it can use to lower taxes on the rich, or to subsidize the rich more directly.

Who could deny that Slovak universities need more money? But if so, it's clear that the government could be the one to offer it, if it wanted. If the government is poor, it's because it gave away its money to the rich (or to its army in Iraq, or to finance the already-affluent Catholic Church).

Joseph Grim Feinberg, Košice

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