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Reader feedback: Errors or lies?

Re: Money makes the world go round, Slovak Matters By Conrad Toft May 5 - 11, Vol 9, No 17

[This article] contains some substantial errors (or maybe deliberate lies) about Andrej Hlinka, the man who appears on the Sk1,000 note.

According to the Encyklopedický slovník (Prague, 1993), Andrej Hlinka was a Slovak politician and Catholic priest. He fought against rough "Madgyarisation" of the Slovak people before World War I and for the political autonomy of Slovakia during the first Czecho-Slovak Republic.

Hlinka never supported "the Nazi-backed division of Czech and Slovakia", that's a completely wrong statement. And as a Catholic priest he died a natural death at 74 years old, he didn't "commit suicide". And by the way the first Slovak State was declared in March 1939, not in 1938. All this information should be changed by an apology to readers in The Slovak Spectator very soon.

Vladimír Košinár, Bratislava

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