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History of Slovakia's national ice-hockey team

With the division of Czechoslovakia, Slovak team is relegated to the bottom 'C' division of international competition; Czech Republic remains in top tier

Slovakia wins C division, advances to B

National team finishes in 6th place in Lillehammer Winter Olympics; later advances to A group

Team takes 10th place in World Championships in Austria

Team takes 9th place in World Championships in Finland

Team advances to playoffs of World Championship for first time; finishes between 5th and 8th place

Team finishes 10th place in Nagano Winter Olympics

Team takes 7th place in World Championships in Norway; qualifies for Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

Team wins silver medal at World Championships in Russia

Team finishes 5th to 8th place at World Championships in Germany

Team finishes in 13th place in Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

Slovakia wins its first world championship in Sweden

Slovakia wins bronze medal at World Championships in Finland

Source: SZĽH, IIHF

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