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Man paints modern icons on cars, bikes, trucks
Collapsed scaffolding leaves one dead, four injured
Baby drowns in bathtub
Bonsai exhibition

Man paints modern icons on cars, bikes, trucks

JÁN Bašnár will make your car or a bike stand out in the traffic by decorating it with the image of your favourite pop icon.
The trained painter from Bratislava said he has been using the airbrush technique to spray images on large surfaces for five years.
"I learned the airbrush technique while at university, studying design at the architecture faculty," Bašnár told the Slovak daily Nový čas.
Bašnár, who paints under the name of John, says that cars, trucks, and bikes decorated with the airbrush give the vehicles a character of their own and demand more respect on the road.
"I consult every painting with the customer and I try to incorporate their ideas into the painting," Bašnár said.
Bašnár's works have already been awarded several prizes. Most recently he won a prize for best-decorated truck at the annual automotive fair in the western Slovak town of Nitra.
While painting a truck takes about a month, decorating a car can be done in a matter of a week, the artist said.

ONE man was killed when scaffolding collapsed in Bratislava.
photo: TASR

Collapsed scaffolding leaves one dead, four injured

ONE MAN died and four were injured after scaffolding collapsed unexpectedly near Bratislava's main bus station.
Shortly after 11:00 on May 16, 29. Augusta Street echoed with the sound of collapsing iron scaffolding. Five construction workers had been working in the iron structure at the time.
About 30 fire fighters and several ambulances rushed to help the workers. One of the victims died several minutes after the accident as a result of massive injuries to his head and body.
Two of the men were seriously injured, while the other two were only slightly hurt.
Unofficial sources say the scaffolding was insufficiently secured and that could have been the cause of the accident. Police are now investigating the case.
Several cars parked under the scaffolding were destroyed and one car that was passing by at the time was pierced by a falling iron tube. The driver of the car escaped without injury.

Kráľovský Chlmec
Baby drowns in bathtub

IN A TRAGIC accident an 11-month-old baby girl drowned when her mother left the room, leaving her in the bath with her siblings.
Košice regional police spokeswoman Jarmila Petrová told the SITA news agency that the 28-year-old mother, not named, from the eastern Slovak town of Kráľovský Chlmec, had been bathing her three children on May 14 when she left them alone for a few minutes.
When the mother returned to the bathroom the girl was lying on her back in the bathtub. She took her baby out of the water and tried to revive her. Neither the mother nor paramedics were able to help the girl.

Bonsai exhibition

HUNDREDS of bonsai plants drew crowds to a national display in the eastern Slovak town of Košice.
The Košice Bonsai Club, in cooperation with the Botanical Gardens of PJ Šafárik University and the Slovak Bonsai Association, organised the exhibition, where nearly 200 bonsai plants cultivated by 30 hobbyists from around the country were on show.
The prettiest bonsais received awards and will represent Slovakia at upcoming international events.
Head of the Bonsai club, Karol Kozák, said: "Slovak bonsais can easily be compared [to ones from abroad] and in no way are we behind other European countries in this respect."

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