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Reader feedback: Chance for Slovakia to determine its destiny

Re: Slovaks welcome EU, By Lukáš Fila, May 19-25, Vol 9, No 19

I'm an American, born of Slovak parents. I have many Slovak relatives. I have been blessed to have visited Slovakia to meet all my relatives and see where my matka and otec lived. Slovakia deserves a chance, finally, to determine its own destiny.

I am truly happy for Slovakia voting to join the EU, and hope the future is bright for the country as it joins other nations of the world to share in the world's bounty, and furthers its growth through its own decisions, in cooperation with other [EU] members.

The US is the most powerful country [in the world] now, and I pray and hope that it uses its power to protect emerging nations and not rule them as so many [powerful] nations have done in the past. However, the US has to tread carefully, so as not to overstep its role in helping smaller countries.

The US must show respect and patience; just as the nations that it is helping must do.

Slovakia has to depend on someone, and I can't see any other nation but the US coming to bat for the country when the chips are down.

Vince Stankay,, Florida, US

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