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Jeans, sandals banned in Poprad Town Hall

EMPLOYEES of Poprad Town Hall may be fired for wearing jeans or open-toed shoes at their workplace, following the recent passage of an amendment to the city's code of ethics.

According to the daily Národná obroda, male employees of the Town Hall are now banned from wearing jeans, short trousers, or sandals, and if they have long hair they need to tie it back in a ponytail.

Female employees, on the other hand, are forbidden from wearing transparent blouses, T-shirts, short trousers, and shoes with open toes. Shoes with thick soles are also taboo.

Not all city MPs were convinced that it was a good idea to prescribe these rules to the Town Hall staff.

MP Milan Baran said that the city's mayor, Anton Danko, came up with the proposal because the latter thought his employees did not dress properly at work.

Baran, who is the head of the local district office, said that while his office also recommends its employees dress properly, it did not prescribe which clothes were and were not acceptable.

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