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Reader feedback: Keep school dinners

Re: Slovaks start to change eating habits, News briefs, May 26 - June 1, Vol 9, No 20

Keep your school canteens and eateries, Slovakia. In Britain, finding a primary or middle school that has a school canteen is almost impossible. This leaves children with the option of bringing a packed lunch from home (bread, crisps chocolate, fruit etc.), and one half-hour break to eat it in during a long day at school (until 15:30).

Also, public eateries of the vegetarian canteen type, like the one I know in Bratislava, are non-existent. [In Britain] restaurant options are often limited to greasy cafes (eggs, bacon, chips).

Believe me, being faced with a nutritional/taste dilemma about a packed lunch for my daughter, I think with great respect about my three-course school dinners when I was her age. The only solution is that I now cook her lunch myself, but can't manage that every day.

Daša Hedgerová

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