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Reader feedback: Yes to religious freedom

Re: Slovakia gets slap on wrist for Vatican treaty, News Shorts, June 9-15, Vol 9, No 22

I just hope that in such a strongly democratic state as Slovakia, all religions will be protected and their rights upheld. Because Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Jains, and [people of] all other religions, even if they disagree with the "approved" state religions, deserve to have freedom of worship (both public and private) and the same protection from the state as the "approved" beliefs.

Why not let the people who follow these beliefs support them financially through donations? The state really doesn't need to [financially] support religion. The state does, however, need to always support the freedom to believe (or not believe) as people choose. That's true democracy! Use your democratic vote to stop religious favouritism, and start allowing religious freedom for all beliefs without discrimination.

Slovakia is living and writing history at this very moment. Let's hope that in the future, people will look back at the Slovakia of today and say that it opened the way for freedom to all people and upheld their beliefs no matter how different or odd they appeared to others at the time. Please support religious freedom for all.

Michal Kubrik

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