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Flood damages 140 houses
Lightning causes car crash
Man naps behind wheel after crashing car
Monkeys get jungle scenes
€400 for a kilo of cherries
Boomerang-shaped egg

FLASH flooding caused serious damage in two western villages on June 6.
photo: TASR

Melčice, Adamovské Kochanovce
Flood damages 140 houses

A MASSIVE flood damaged 140 houses in the two western Slovak villages of Melčice and Adamovské Kochanovce after an unexpectedly heavy rain storm.
The flood hit the villages on June 6, leaving few buildings untouched.
Locals told the Slovak daily Nový čas that the water destroyed their crops, swept away their hens and other animals, destroyed cars, and flooded their cellars.
Ľudmila Nechutná, mayor of Melčice, estimated the damage at Sk2 million (€48,000).

Lightning causes car crash

A DRIVER was so shocked upon seeing lightning hit a nearby telephone pole that he lost control of his vehicle and ran into the pole, newspapers reported.
The accident took place on June 6 during a thunderstorm in the northern Slovak village of Jánovce near Poprad.
After seeing the lightning hit the pole, the driver, not named, ran his car into the pole and the vehicle immediately caught fire.
The driver managed to escape from the car, which the fire completely destroyed.

Man naps behind wheel after crashing car

A DRUNKEN driver did not bother to call for help after crashing his car, deciding to have a nap in the vehicle instead.
The news agency TASR reported that an unnamed man was driving drunk when his car crashed and rolled over near a cemetery in the eastern Slovak village of Bohdanovce. He suffered no injuries.
After the accident, however, the intoxicated driver fell asleep instead of ringing for help.
He was found an hour later by a police patrol who were surprised to find the driver snoring happily behind the wheel.
When they woke him up, however, he became aggressive, and attacked an officer, causing Sk1,000 (€24) damage to the policeman's uniform.

Monkeys get jungle scenes

A GROUP of art students has decorated a monkey cage with jungle paintings to make the primates feel more at home in Košice Zoo.
Karol Seman, director of the zoo, which is located in Košice's Kavečany district, told the Nový čas daily that the apes had more to look forward to.
He said that in addition to the graffiti on the wall of the cage that includes colorful trees, bushes, and lianas, there were plans to "cover the floor of the cage with wood chip so that it reminds the apes of nature as much as possible."
The director said that since the wall had been painted, the monkeys had become more lively and had started to jump around the cage more than usual.

Dolný Kubín
€400 for a kilo of cherries

A WOMAN paid a bitter price for a kilo of sweet cherries after a thief snatched a purse she had left on the counter of a fruit stand while selecting cherries.
The news agency TASR reported that the woman, not named, was picking cherries at a fruit stand in a market place in Dolný Kubín when the thief approached the stand and took her purse containing a small amount of money and her ATM card.
Before she managed to block her bank account, the thief had withdrawn a sum exceeding the national monthly wage. The woman later explained that the thief had been able to do that because she kept a piece of paper in her purse with her PIN written on it.
The woman had a total of Sk17,000 (€400) taken from her.

NOT all eggs are egg-shaped.
photo: Nový čas: Beta Hriadelová

Nový Život
Boomerang-shaped egg

A HEN has laid a boomerang-shaped egg, but the owners of her flock have until now failed to identify the producer of the curiosity.
Mária Kertésová, from the western Slovak village of Nový Život, said she still does not know which of her hens produced the wonder egg.
"I wish I knew which one it was," Kertésová told the Slovak daily Nový čas on June 7.
"I hope we will be able to track it down one day," she said.
Apart from the boomerang-shaped egg, one of the hens is also suspected of having laid normal egg-shaped eggs of dramatically different sizes (see photo this page).
Kertésová told the daily that her family also used the hens as predictors of the weather. She claimed that if her hens lay a lot of eggs, the following day is bound to be beautiful.
"Depending on the number of eggs, we can tell what the weather will be the next day.
"My children ask me every day how many eggs the hens have laid," she said.

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