Restaurant reviews

Maharadža restaurant

Where: Mozartova 27 / Tel: 0905/854-616 or 02/6280-1272 /
Open: Mon-Sun, 11:00-22:00 /
English menu: No /
Reservations: Yes /
Rating: 7 out of 10

AS IS traditional in Indian cuisine, the menu at Maharadža does not offer any pork or beef dishes, but this is no disappointment, even in pork-happy Slovakia. The combination of chicken, mutton, lamb, shrimp, salmon, carp, and vegetarian meals with six or seven different sauces adds up to a very satisfactory selection. Given the additional offer of soups, starters, and side dishes, you can get a very palatable four-course meal without any repetition.

The range of desserts is something of a disappointment, though, as there is no cake - just fruit and ice cream.

Maharadža restaurant lies in the Červený kríž residential area near the Slavín monument on castle hill. Located opposite the pharmacy in Bartókova Street, it is reasonable easy to find and has parking right in front of the restaurant.

Festina Lente

Where: Bulharská 60 /

Tel: 02/4341-0905

Open: Mon-Fri 10:00-22:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-22:00 /

English menu: Yes /

Reservations: Yes /

Rating: 3 out of 10

THE MENU at this new Bulgarian restaurant offers a few Bulgarian specialties, such as stuffed paprika and cucumber soup, but the main fare is fried or grilled meat, the stuff of thousands of Slovak restaurants. There is surprisingly little fish and other seafood, for which coastal Bulgaria is famous.

In addition, the service is very poor, with simple orders of hot food not only served slowly but also cold.

The Bulgarian specialty gýveš is a traditional mixture of potatoes, eggplant, paprika, and egg, but the version here is far too spicy, flavourless, and greasy to be a highlight in any Varna resort.

At best, the food is edible, but prepared without zest, speed, or talent. Festina Lente, a Latin rather than Bulgarian tag, means "make haste slowly". While the service was indeed slow, the only haste involved in a visit to this restaurant is the speed with which customers are likely to leave.

Preego restaurant

Where: Žilinská 4 /

Tel: 0903-246 226

Open: 11:00-22:00, lounge 10:00-24:00/

English menu: Yes /

Reservations: Yes /

Rating: 9 out of 10

PRONOUNCED in Slovak as two words - pre ego - the name of this restaurant means "for (your) ego", which is fitting for a place that serves marvelous food that is a pleasure for both your stomach and your eyes.

And rather than the Italian theme the name suggests, the selection of dishes on offer would better be described as European, mixing French and Italian cuisine and including a Greek salad, grilled oštiepok (Slovak smoked sheep-cheese), and salmon.

On the whole, the dishes are satisfying and delicious, and most are presented in a very aesthetic arrangement with lots of fresh vegetables. The tiramisu has just the right amount of liqueur and is topped with whipped cream and a strawberry. And that's not all: The food arrives quickly and the wait staff are professional.

An important detail about Preego is its interior design. The combination of black and white gives the dining room a very elegant feeling, and its division into smaller units offers a sense of privacy. The arrangement of the rooms is complemented by statues and fresh flowers.

- Saša Petrášová

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