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Reader feedback: Laws do not encourage organised crime

Fighting a futile battle against human nature, Editorial, June 16-22, Vol 9, No 23

In my opinion, this kind of logic is ridiculous. If you apply this same opinion to everything else, and decided to allow everything simply because laws and punishments are not 100 percent effective, what we would have is not something new and better, but something which is actually very old and much worse: decline.

There are many nations where almost everything is allowed and these are not moral paradises - these are the third world nations that the rest of the world must pay to support.

Organized crime does not thrive where crime is forbidden. Organized crime thrives where nothing is forbidden (or enforced).

As for the argument about women endangering themselves to get an abortion, it is sufficient to note that a thief might injure himself or herself trying to get over an electric fence, but this is never a reason to take down the fences.

Jason Morris
Indiana, USA

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