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Reader feedback: Tell it to the cows

Farmers prepare for strike,Business briefs, June 16-22, Vol 9, No 23

I can't see a farmer striking; how is he going to explain this to his cows? It would perhaps be better for the dairy farmers to get together and decide which ones will stop producing what they currently are, and change over to growing crops in green houses (for instance tomatoes, capsicum, cut flowers, etc.).

To start growing crops in green houses requires a kind of capital outlay likely to be beyond the means of most farmers in Slovakia, but with a little imagination, one could try to obtain some of the as-yet-unallocated EU funds earmarked for Slovakia.

The EU would love to see a reduction in dairy farming, while it is unlikely that the EU would object too much about an increase in output of delicate (transport-wise) produce. This "strikes" me as a much better idea!

De Panne, Belgium

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