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Criminal cop fired
Thieves steal iron from cemeteries
The real doggie hot dog
Wild boar causes car crash
Mother sentenced to six years
Roma gang attacks watermelon man

Čierna nad Tisou
Criminal cop fired

ONE day after the biggest bank robbery in Slovakia this year, in which an estimated Sk5 million (€122,000) was stolen, police officers have arrested a group of suspects. During their investigations, officers discovered that one of their colleagues might have plotted the crime.
The robbery took place during the evening of June 10 at the eastern Slovak branch of UniBanka in Čierna nad Tisou. Among those arrested were the local senior police inspector, 30-year-old Barnabáš F., Melinda M., 29, an employee of the bank, and two others.
Barnabáš F. was fired from the police, according to Interior Minister Vladimír Palko.
According to investigators, before dinnertime on the day of the crime, Barnabáš F. told his colleagues that he was going home to eat. He then borrowed a police car to drive home. Once home he changed his clothes and then went to the bank, picking up his two accomplices on the way.
Covering his head with a mask, Barnabáš F. ran into the bank and requested money from the bank's teller, Melinda M.
Barnabáš F. then ran out of the bank where his accomplices were waiting for him in the car. They stopped the car in the nearby village of Bačka where they burned the car and their clothes.
Barnabáš F. then changed back into his work clothes and returned to work in the police car.
Interior Minister Vladimír Palko said he would not have a "black sheep" working in the force and decided to fire Barnabáš F. without delay.

Thieves steal iron from cemeteries

POLICE arrested three young men suspected of stealing iron decorations from graves in a cemetery in the eastern Slovak city of Poprad.
The Slovak daily Nový čas reported that the young men were suspected of having stolen a decorative fence that had surrounded the grave of a former priest from the 19th century. They later sold it to a local recycling centre for Sk847 (€20).

Spišská Nová Ves
The real doggie hot dog

SEVEN dogs stolen by one eastern Slovak man ended up on people's plates according to police.
The Slovak daily Pravda reported that a man, not named, who lives in the eastern Slovak town of Spišská Nová Ves was recently arrested for stealing local dogs and turning them into stew.
The 32-year-old man, along with several others, stole six German shepherd dogs and one nine-year-old Siberian husky between December and April this year.

Wild boar causes car crash

A WILD boar that ran into the road between the central Slovak towns of Zvolen and Banská Bystrica caused a car accident in which seven people were injured.
According to the state-run TASR news agency, the accident took place on June 15 on a highway strip between the two towns.
The four cars that were involved in the accident suffered damages estimated at about Sk500,000 (€12,000).

Banská Bystrica
Mother sentenced to six years

A MOTHER who attempted to poison her two children was sentenced to six years in jail by a Banská Bystrica court.
The woman, Helena V., 28, from the southern Slovak village of Trebeľovce, last year attempted to poison her children, three-year-old Martin and two-year-old Darinka, and tried to kill herself over her collapsing marriage and bad relationship with her in-laws.
During the trial she said she did not want her children to see her committing suicide, so she wanted to put them to sleep and gave both babies a syrup used to treat epilepsy.
Then she swallowed 15 painkiller pills and chased them down with half a bottle of wine.
When her husband returned from work he found all three lying unconscious.
According to the Slovak daily Pravda, when Helena V. returned from hospital, she again attempted to kill herself using gas from an oven.

Dolný Kubín
Roma gang attacks watermelon man

POLICE are investigating a fight between Roma buyers and a watermelon seller that took place at a parking spot on a road near the village of Kraľovany in northern Slovakia on June 16.
According to the police, the fight started after the seller told one of the Roma that a handful of 10-heller coins was not enough to buy anything. The buyer then grabbed a knife from the seller's table and attacked him, screaming, "I'll kill you, give me those melons!"
Afterwards, a group of 10 Roma jumped out of three nearby parked cars, allegedly stole the melons and seller's sales proceeds of some Sk300 (€7.23), and left the scene.
The robbed man called his boss who, along with his other employees, immediately started to follow the fleeing thieves by car. One of the cars driven by a Roma hit the melon owner's car. The owner had to jump into the nearby Váh River to save his life. The Roma then allegedly completely demolished the car.
They were later detained by railway police from Kraľovany.

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