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Holocaust memorial unveiled

A MEMORIAL to Holocaust victims and survivors was unveiled in the western Slovak town of Galanta.

The memorial was raised at the site of a former Jewish synagogue that was demolished in 1976 by the then ruling communists and was unveiled by Galanta mayor Alexander Mézeš and head of the local Jewish community Vojtech Fahn.

During the second world war 1,800 local Jews were deported via a so-called collection camp in nearby Nové Zámky. Only 300 of those returned home.

An estimated 70,000 Jews were deported in total from Slovakia to concentration camps in Poland and Germany under the wartime state.

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Lack of experts challenges ICT sector

To maintain the competitiveness, the Slovak government must support digitising the economy and take a positive stance towards the ICT sector, according to experts.

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Kia negotiations stuck

Trade unions have asked for a higher increase in salaries and are ready to strike.

Most cars produced in Slovakia head for export.

Roma civil patrols will continue

The Interior Ministry allocated €10 million for the project.

Roma patrols in Veľká Lomnica.

Our exit from the EU will not weaken our links

The UK has no intention of undermining the stability of the EU, nor do we want to become more distant to our European neighbours, including those here in Slovakia, the ambassador writes.

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