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Reader feedback: Too politically correct

Band arrested over racist material, News briefs, June 23-29, Vol 9, No 24

Good God what an anti-white, politically correct nightmare of a country you seem to have. Eight years in jail for owning a Skrewdriver CD?

Racial pride is an inherent right--even for whites!

Jim Allen,
Oregon, USA

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New legislation protects creditors from unfair mergers

Fraudulent mergers were a legal business model enabling unfair businesses to get rid of debts

Tightening conditions when merging companies will increase the red tape of lawful mergers and prolong this procedure.

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Fifty Shades of Grey: Slovakia's Olympic outfits will not stray from tradition

The official outfit for Slovak athletes at the Pyongyang Olympic Games has been presented; the Slovak Olympic Committee (SOV) is not satisfied.

Olympic outfit of Slovak athletes

EMA will go to Amsterdam, not Bratislava

The Slovak capital finished fourth in first round of vote for the seat of the prestigious European Medicines Agency

EMA will move from London due to Brexit. It will go to Amsterdam.