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Survey: Older Slovak men want more sex
Weekend in Ibiza with Coulthard
Granny brings grenade to council
Bikers' mass wedding
Corrupt customsofficers busted
Truck suspected of killing baby bear
Blackmail attempt ends in arrest
Shopping trip for a million crowns

Survey: Older Slovak men want more sex

MIDDLE-aged and older Slovak men have sex between one and three times a week but are eager to have more, a survey that involved 70 participants, aged between 40 and 64 years, indicates.
The survey included participants from the country's six biggest municipalities. Apart from answering various questions about their sex lives, the men also met in groups where various sex-related themes were discussed.
The researchers believe that the majority of respondents overrated their own performance to look better in the survey.
Slovak psychologist Radomír Masaryk, one of the authors of the survey, said the frequency of sexual intercourse was closer to once a week than three times.
At the presentation of his study on July 3 Masaryk said: "Men have exagerated their answers in the survey. Their frequency of intercourse is closer to once a week."
He said the men who participated in the survey, carried out in April and May 2003, were getting used to the changing gender roles in society.
"Men clearly realize that there is a gradual weakening of traditional male authority going on.
"This development, according to the survey's participants, clearly has a direct impact on men's sex lives," Masaryk said.
The survey also revealed that middle-aged people do not talk about sex with their partners, but they welcome the fact that after the fall of communism, a wider and more liberal discussion about sex has been going on in society.
Experts involved in the survey also said that fear of failure is one of the main reasons that many older men avoid sex.
According to the survey, more than 95 percent of respondants considered sex important in their lives while only 1.4 percent said that sex was not that important for them.

Weekend in Ibiza with Coulthard

A TEENAGE Formula 1 fan was left speechless after meeting Scottish racing star David Coulthard for a weekend in Ibiza.
Nineteen-year-old Slovak Lenka Koričanská was one of six girls from eastern Europe who won a competition arranged by West McLaren-Mercedes to spend a weekend on the island and meet the racing ace.
But Koričanská said when she met the star, she was left speechless.
She told the Slovak daily Nový čas: "I just couldn't believe it that he was standing there right in front of me. I couldn't say a word. I just went dumb."
Coulthard entertained Koričanská and the other girls on his yacht before taking them to his favourite disco on the island, Pacha, where they were joined by his friends and girlfriend Simone Abdelnour.
The most exciting part of the trip, however, was when Coulthard took the girls out for a ride on a water scooter.
Koričanská said: "It was the highlight of the weekend. But I've got so many wonderful memories of Ibiza. I thought I was going to cry when I left."

Valaská Belá
Granny brings grenade to council

IN WHAT police said was a typical incident for this time of year, a granny found a grenade while digging in her garden.
SITA news agency reported that the 75-year-old grandmother from Valaská Belá in the Prievidza district found a second world war grenade in her garden and rushed to the local council with the weapon in her hand.
An expert who inspected and disposed of the grenade said it was considerably rusty and that it had been made in the former Czechoslovakia.
Trenčín police spokeswoman Lenka Bušová warned citizens to be very careful and not to touch munitions if they find any. She instructed them to call the police or ammunition experts.

Bikers' mass wedding

WEDDING bells were hard to hear the revving of motorcycle engines.
photo: Vladimír Benko - TASR

ELEVEN couples who share the passion of riding motorcycles said 'I do' in the country's biggest mass motorcyclist wedding. The wedding ceremony took place in the western Slovak village of Prašice as part of an annual bikers' meeting on July 5 and 6 this year.
Along with the couples a motorcade of 200 cycles attended the wedding ceremony, which was organised by the Slovak records team in an attempt to be listed in the Guinness Book of records.
The bikers attending the ceremony included teenagers as well as people in their fifties.
According to Igor Svítok from the Slovak records team, the mass wedding ceremony was a success and the event might even make it into the Guinness Book.
"We'll provide the data to the Guinness Book of Records. I personally do not know of any other similar mass wedding so I think there is a chance to be listed in the Guinness Book," Svítok told state-run TASR news agency.

Corrupt customsofficers busted

TWENTY customs officers were charged with accepting bribes after an extensive investigation. The interior minister has called these officers the "black sheep" of his force.
In a July 3 raid at the border crossing with Hungary in the southern Slovak town of Šahy, 16 of the corrupt officers were arrested after accepting bribes from Romanian nationals who wanted to prolong their stay in neighbouring Hungary.
Interior Minister Vladimír Palko said customs officers involved in bribery were senior employees of the force and since 2002, could have collected hundreds of thousands of crowns from such illegal activity.
For Romanians living in Hungary, it is possible to prolong their stay in the country by travelling abroad for a short period of time. According to Palko, Romanians pay Slovak customs officers to stamp their passports, thus legalizing their stay in Hungary for the next 30 days.
Of the total 33 officers in Šahy, 15 were involved in the bribery scandal. Those 15 were dismissed from the force and replaced by new officers.

Staré Hory
Truck suspected of killing baby bear

A FIVE-MONTH-OLD baby bear was killed in the area of the central Slovak town of Donovaly. Park rangers suspect that it was hit by a lorry or a big car.
According to the park rangers, the 14-kilogram bear was most likely blinded by headlights, and the car or truck could not avoid hitting it.
According to Miroslav Saniga of the Forest Ecology Institute at Staré Hory, lack of food in the local forests forced the bear mother and her two cubs to frequently visit the local village where they ate from cherry trees and stole honey from local bee hives.

Blackmail attempt ends in arrest

A BLACKMAILER who demanded payment of Sk10,000 (€240) not to post intimate pictures of his victim on the internet was busted after the woman reported him to the police.
A 22-year-old man, not named by the police, approached his 29-year-old victim and told her he had pictures showing her performing oral sex.
The woman appeared to have agreed to pay him the money, but in the meantime had informed the police.
When she met the man to give him the requested sum, police appeared and apprehended the suspect.

Shopping trip for a million crowns

A WOMAN who left Sk1.1 million (€26,000) in her car was horrified after realising someone had broken into her vehicle and stolen all of her money.
According to SITA news agency, the woman, not named, parked her car in the southern Slovak town of Štúrovo on July 1 and went shopping with her friend's son.
An unknown thief broke into the car and grabbed the money and a mobile phone.

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