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Reader feedback: Keep traditions alive

Sound quality more important than decoration

Thank you for the very informative article about fujaras.

Four years ago I received my first fujara as a gift from a friend in Slovakia, and fell in love with the sound. Today I have four at home, but I am still searching for the ideal instrument. Since I have moved from playing strictly Slovak traditional tunes to other music, including my own, the musical quality of my fujaras has not been satisfactory.

During my last visit to Slovakia, I was not able to find an instrument that would have correct scale and pitch together with clean tone in all positions, and with a nice sound.

It seems to me, that most current fujara makers are basically interested in a quick sale to tourists, so they concentrate the most on the decoration of the instrument. The fujaras I have seen were very beautiful, true pieces of art, decorated in many different styles, and as long as I would just use them for decoration on the wall, they would be perfect.

I know that it is hard to make a good fujara, and that the best fujaras are usually kept by the makers, but I would like to appeal to the makers to concentrate more on the musical quality, exact pitch of every tone of the scale (correct position of the side holes), and spend more time adjusting the quality of the tone in the whole range of the instrument. I know it is possible to accomplish that, because my first fujara has very beautiful tone, and my second fujara has almost perfect scale, but can anybody make an instrument, which would have both?

Bob Rychlik,
Maryland, USA

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