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Schizophrenic woman caged by parents
Trains controller found drunk on duty
Sirens roar alert
Rich Slovak wants to live next door to Beckham
Youngest Slovak drummer?
Popular lakes drying out

Schizophrenic woman caged by parents

SCHIZOPHRENIC Anna M., 52, was allegedly being kept in a cage.
photo: SME

SOCIAL workers from the central Slovak town of Detva were shocked when they found a 52-year-old schizophrenic woman behind bars in a cage that her parents had made of wood to keep her under control.
The woman, identified only as Anna M., was transported to a clinic in nearby Kremnica. Her parents may soon face charges of torture.
According to the Slovak daily Nový čas, the woman had suffered from schizophrenia since the age of 24 and spent several years in a clinic for the mentally ill. In 1992, however, her parents, who are today in their seventies, decided to take Anna home.
Her parents said they were forced to put their daughter in the cage for their, and her own, safety.
"She started to be aggressive, she would jump out of the window, she would run in the fields naked. What were we supposed to do?", Anna M.'s mother Mária told the daily.
The parents then made the wooden cage and kept their daughter in it for approximately five years.
Boris Grellneth, head of the psychiatric hospital where Anna M. was kept, said he had never seen a similar case in his career.
"The patient was brought to us in a catatonic state. She was neither able to move nor talk in a coordinated way," Grellneth said.

Trains controller found drunk on duty

A RAIL traffic controller was fired after it turned out he was on the job while drunk. He was found to have a blood alcohol level of 3.94 parts per thousand.
According to the Slovak daily Pravda, the 33-year-old man lost his job after two breath tests were carried out on him.
Miroslav Svoreň from the railway police in Zvolen told the daily that the second test was carried out 15 minutes after the first test because officers refused to believe that such a high alcohol level was true. The second test, however, confirmed the original results, showing a slightly lower reading of 3.83.
The train coordinator was also charged with endangering the general public.

Sirens roar alert

EXTREMELY high temperatures activated public sirens, setting dozens of eastern Slovak towns and villages on alert for 15 minutes.
Slovak media reported that sirens in the Trebišov district sounded the alarm in the town of Trebišov, as well as in more than 50 outlying villages connected to the system early in the morning on July 23.
The sirens then triggered alarms, causing locals to wonder what was going on.
"It was an unpleasant awakening. The sirens were howling. In Byšta village grannies met in front of their houses and were wondering what was going on. Then they found out that the same was happening in surrounding villages," Jarmila Havrilková, 24, from Trebišov said to Nový čas daily.

Rich Slovak wants to live next door to Beckham

SLOVAK millionaire and marketing guru Fedor Flašík wants to buy a studio flat in the United Arabic Emirates that is next door to ones owned by such celebrities as David Beckham and Naomi Campbell.
According to the Slovak daily Nový čas, Flašík, who has produced election campaigns for local political parties including the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia and Smer, was considering investing tens of millions of Slovak crowns to buy a suite on an artificial palm-tree shaped island in the UAE.
"I know an Indian real estate agent who showed me around the island," Flašík said.

Youngest Slovak drummer?

A FIVE-year-old boy may be the country's youngest drummer to regularly perform with his own band.
Dávid Hodek from the southern Slovak town of Komárno, who plays the drums in the Dávid Hodek Band that includes his grandpa, is believed to be the country's youngest and perhaps its most talented drummer.
His mother told the Slovak daily Nový čas that her boy has been playing the drums since he was three years old and his musical role models include famous rock stars.
"When he was two, he would listen to Tina Turner, Tom Jones, and Smokie. He was always fascinated with musical instruments, but when he first put cooking pots around himself in the kitchen, we understood that he was going to stick to the drums," said Dávid's mother Andrea Hodeková to the daily.

Popular lakes drying out

ONE OF THE COUNTRY's most popular holiday resorts, the so-called Slnečné jazerá (Sunny Lakes) is drying out.
Local experts in western Slovakia's town of Senec warned that a thick layer of mud on the bottom of the lakes was preventing fresh water from getting into the lakes, effectively causing the water to soak into the surrounding areas and threatening to dry out the lakes.
The five lakes, around 20 kilometres east of Bratislava, are therefore being prepared for a new project that would see the mud eliminated with the help of special microorganisms.
Earlier attempts to eliminate the mud by pumping it out or by the use of special machinery have failed. But the new method is also an expensive one.
"Elimination of the mud with the new unique method that employs micro-organisms will cost around Sk120 million (€2.9 million). This will also be the first time that such a method has been used in Slovakia," Karol Kvál, mayor of Senec, said to the Slovak daily Pravda.

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