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Reader feedback: Crowning events

Re: Readers suggest ways to promote Bratislava July 21 - August 3, Vol 9 No 28

As already mentioned, it will be hard for Bratislava to compete with Vienna and Prague on a daily basis. However, Bratislava could take advantage of its rich history and recreate some of the historical moments. Bratislava could for example once a year recreate the coronation of Maria Theresa.

A coronation show on one of the main places in Bratislava (entry fee) followed by general celebration in the streets. People encouraged to get dressed in old style costumes. Evening festive illumination of the castle, followed by fireworks.

One could make a weekend out of it. It would attract people from Vienna and make Bratislava attractive for this specific event. If this succeeds, people would come for other occasions as well.

Milan Jamrich,
Houston, USA

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