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Reader feedback: Aim for "alternative" tourists

Re: Readers suggest ways to promote Bratislava July 21 - August 3, Vol 9 No 28

Bratislava could stand to have a few more signposts on the streets. You can't expect us dumb tourists to find our way to all the interesting sights in Bratislava all by ourselves.

I've only been to Bratislava 3 short times so far and I got lost every time! Getting lost in a big city can be quite frustrating and even scary for a tourist, so that is a point of attention for the city council.

Another thing I miss is a decent travel guidebook. Mostly Slovakia is mentioned somewhere at the back of Czech travel guide and that's a shame.

I don't think publications that are only available in Slovakia will do much good. Almost everyone I know likes to do a little reading about their holiday destination before they go there. A lot of people even decide on they're vacation by going to bookstores and libraries and browse through various travel guides.

As people are getting more and more sceptical towards promotional campaigns, objectively written travel guides can give the people the confidence they need to choose for a particular destination.

This is especially the case since Slovakia should, in my opinion, aim for the "alternative" tourist who's not interested in beach holidays or tours of world-famous monuments.

Jeroen Philippe,

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