Spectator on facebook

Spectator on facebook


President Rudolf Schuster (pictured left) has been criticised for spending several days of his holiday in Ukraine with Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma. Kuchma has been chastised internationally for undemocratic activities, including the alleged sale of a radar system to Iraq and suspected involvement in the killing of a journalist.

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When the state can’t keep a secret

A selective leak has tarnished President Kiska’s reputation. But he must continue to speak out about corruption.

President Andrej Kiska

Austria launches random checks close to Slovakia’s borders

Refugees are using new smuggling routes, according to the Austrian minister.

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Unemployment rate continues to decline

The still steeper fall in unemployment could be curbed by the type of jobseekers, analysts opine.

Carmakers have already complained about the lack of qualified labour.

Coalition only agrees on how to talk. But what will they talk about?

Budget talks to decide on concrete policies. Danko wants airplanes, Fico wants better pay for nights and weekends.

Danko, Fico, Bugar.