Industrial park rise impeded by lack of funds

LACKING funds and good roads, Slovak towns and villages are not able to build industrial parks in their areas. According to the daily Národná Obroda, hundreds of towns and villages are interested in building industrial parks but only five projects have so far been completed.

According to the 2001 amended law regarding industrial parks, municipalities still have to cover about 30 percent of the total expenses needed for the projects.

"Municipalities have a hard time finding the finances," Michal Sýkora, the head of the Association of Towns and Cities, said.

Sýkora admitted that EU funds could speed up the creation of industrial parks in Slovakia but noted that the country's unfinished highway network often discouraged investors from coming to this central European state.

"It is hard to find investors for industrial parks in areas where traffic infrastructure is missing," Sýkora said.

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